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Hi Journal readers , yes all two of you.

I havent updated this Journal in awhile, so much has been going on I just havent had the chance. Relocation, Relocation.


Updates since  last time have been few and far between. But I did post up the Character study of the " Northern Knight ", pose is a bit stiff but I suppose he is wearing armour.

Also Pierre La Font, Ratter, Trapper turned Adventurer!

And so to todays Update.

A environment study inspired by Macbeth, the Blasted Heath.

I still havent got round to finishing a Painting of Druss I started oh so many months ago now, but I am determined to finish it soon.

Anyway all the best and kepp it Coountry.


Incoming:  Werewolf..... ,  Gate to elysium  ,   and ofcourse Druss!
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Hi journal readers,

Yes all three of you!

News for July I am honoured to have received Award of Recognition for my Dracula's Castle piece.

I haven’t posted much recently but I have been doodling away and I will post a couple of new pieces, one of them is a companion piece to The Fortress of Dros Delnoch painting I did, it features " Death walker" himself.

That’s it for now, art dump coming soon.
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HI all,

Wow I am so chuffed to have one my images * Cavern Base Flight Deck * chosen as a DD. I didnt even notice till today, I was wondering why my page views and messages shot up.

So yes Dracula's Castle, This was a fun image created for a friendly competition on CA. I spent a couple of relaxing evenings working on it.

Anyway big thanks to everyone who has commented on or faved any of my work its really appreciated.

More to come soon,

G. :)
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WOw time is passing quickly almost May and the begining of summer!

There never seems enough time anymore, so many books to read, places to go, movies to see.....

I just posted in my gallery  a study of a subway station, one of those grimy ones you get in less affluent areas of a city.

I think the image is abit stale and not a very exciting piece, more an exercise, so I have decided to smash it up a bit and do a paint over, add a monster ripping it apart! WIll post soon.

"Over the mountains of the moon
down the Vale of the Shadow
Ride pilgrim ride if you decide
to seek Eldorado "

G. :O)
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Cavern base Flight deck

I had a quiet sunday and I spent an enjoyable day painting this image.
The lighting is a little inspired by The Hudson river school painters who I greatly admire.

CS 4
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It can be quite tough being an artist or creating art. There is something very personal about what we all create. We nurture and feed it like a new born and then when we feel its ready and sometimes before, we push it out into the harsh world to fend for itself.

We wince as it lives and dies under scrutiny of anothers eyes, suffering the slings and arrows of critique until it is forgotten, already we are nurturing a new creation to begin the whole traumatic process again.

And without further ado I give you the Temple of Courage.

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Just a quick little update:

Added a Couple of Creature Sketches to my Gallery.

Oh dont forget to check out my life drawing and other stuff Sketchbook on

Link below:…

Cya Soon.

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Guten Tag,

Recently just Added "The Fall of Atlantis" to my Gallery. Inspired by a EOW competition tile on

Just realized this my first post of the new year too. Also I had another look my image " Hunted" and fixed a few thins that were bugging me. Check it out.

Thats about it, oh and belated happy new year.


ps; skiing tomorrow. :)
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Recently I just built myself a kick ass new pc.

So I wouldnt feel guilty about just  gaming on it, I decided to enter EOW#100 on concept art.

Here are the first images painted on my new rig.

Entries for EOW #100.

I chose David gemmells brillant Novel Legend.

" peace and love , peace and love"
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I am abit Lax in updating this !

I am still working at my art though.

A few updates to my Gallery, god there is some old stuff in there now, must tidy it up and rename a few of the images.

All the best for now,

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A new journal, and my first ever.

Going to try and keep this updated with my doodles and scribblings, hoprefully some more finished pieces too. :O
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